What’s in a Name?

August 3rd, 2015 by mbcadmin

There are dozens of new companies popping up in healthcare, wellness, quantified-self, etc. That’s really exciting and good for all of us consumers! Many of these new companies have “health”, “wellness”, etc. in their names or some names don’t have a reference to health at all. So that we aren’t lost in the sea of healthcare technology companies, we used these principles to pick our name:

  1. With a new company, we believe a name needs to be indicative of what you do. With our name you know it’s personal – “my body” and there is a number involved – “count”.
  2. The name needs to stand out and be sticky so people remember it. Our name is a little edgy, but we are doing something that’s very disruptive and personal. I’ll bet you can’t forget our name after you read this!
  3. It’s always a plus if the name has the potential to become part of the English language, also known as an eponym – similar to how “Fedex” is used as a verb to overnight a letter even though you might use another service. Or, you might ask for a “Kleenex” instead of tissue. We anticipate people saying, “Man those ribs were good but I’m sure they are not good for MyBodyCount!” We hope that consumers will think about their MBC health score when they make decisions everyday through their health behaviors.

And that’s how we got our name.

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