what it is

Lots of calculus! Actually, our researchers have created MyBodyScore using the same methods used to create an epidemiological study. Our core team includes two senior scientists from the Johns Hopkins University Welch Center for Epidemiology, Research and Prevention and two bio-statisticians. They have dedicated hundreds of hours of planning, investigation, bio-statistical analysis and testing, towards our newest version of the Score – MyBodyScore 2.0.

Your Score is based on seven biomarker values taken at the same time: BMI, Blood Pressure plus five relatively stable blood-based biomarkers.  These values are combined with your peer group (age and gender) to calculate a mortality risk,  in terms of a Score, for you relative to others in the U.S. that are your exact age.

We have chosen biomarkers inputs to the Score that are:

1) Relevant in their predictive ability

2) Modifiable/controlled by lifestyle choices

3) Packagable for large scale deployment

4) Affordable by the marketplace

As screening and testing technology and research data improves, we will include more biomarkers that meet these criterion, making the Score more predictive and useful with every new version.

MBS is based on a range that approximates a credit score, making it easier to understand for most people.  We chose 710 as the median, which means if your score is 710, you are as healthy as 1/2 of the population of your peers. That may be good or bad for you relative to how you have changed your lifestyle to affect your health status. Now you can measure yourself relative to your peers for the rest of your life. Striving for a better Score is a way for you to insure against preventable health events effecting your quality of life and out of pocket costs in the future.

Get started today! Try the estimator and we’ll show you how to get your Scorey to help you start on your pathway to better health.