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The estimator enables you to plug in values that you know like height, weight and your age, and defaults the remaining values. You can use the sliders to see how different values affect the Score in your peer group.

The cool thing about the Score is that if you have one biomarker that’s technically “at-risk”, as long as your other biomarkers are in line, you should have a good Score. For example, bodybuilders or big boned people with higher than normal BMIs, who are otherwise very healthy, will have good Scores.

We chose biomarkers that are relatively stable, but they still vary slightly from day to day. As self-testing devices improve, you can test yourself for various biomarkers that you may be monitoring and plug in your new values as often as you like.

If you sign up for a free MBS account, you can track your MBS biomarker inputs, see your Score improve and get access to personalized content.

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