about us

MyBodyScore is a product of Consumable Science, Inc. For company facts and information about sponsoring a population of consumers, please visit our corporate website.

We bring world-class science to the hands of consumers. We believe healthcare needs to catch up with other industries and the bureaucracy of healthcare can be mitigated by democratization. We ultimately enable consumers to monetize their health by measuring the affect of their lifestyle choices and linking changes in their behaviors directly to their health status, represented in a single number. We employ rigorous science and personalized content curated from our research team from The Johns Hopkins University.

We are a consumer-first company. By building consumer affinity, we help Sponsors of consumer populations target investments in health management (wellness) programs. We help insurers understand risk in their populations and exchanges offer discounts on health and life insurance based on our intellectual property. We enable employers and healthcare organizations to more efficiently manage population health, benchmark themselves, and therefore, enable lowering the cost of healthcare for everyone.

We have a contract with consumers to protect their personal health information (PHI). Only consumers can authorize clinicians or health coaches to access their PHI. Health insurers may receive consumer PHI but cannot deny or raise personal premiums — it’s against the law.* Furthermore, it’s unlawful to be terminated based on a health condition.

*Healthcare Reform (PPACA or Obamacare) guarantees coverage and community-based pricing in every marketplace. This means consumers cannot be denied health insurance and cannot be charged more for premiums than their peers (except for tobacco use).