OK, so…what’s MyBodyScore?

How does it work?

Three simple steps tell you all you need to know about your health.


Get screened.

Get screened through your employer or doctor.


Get your Scorey.

We score you based on those tests.


Get healthy.

Your Scorey is now with you forever.

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Simplicity backed by real-deal science.

Your score is based on biomarker research from Johns Hopkins University.


We tell you what your body tells us about your health behaviors. MyBodyScore interprets confusing science to help you understand the connections between behaviors and your health. When you are ready, you can make small lifestyle changes and watch your Score improve, as you find your personal pathway to well-being.

Your blood doesn’t lie!

The “biomarker” inputs to the score are measured primarily through your blood, providing insights into longevity, medical conditions and quality of life. Your body and biomarkers are changing all the time, so the score provides a stable, accurate predictor of your overall health.

We rock world class.

MyBodyScore was developed with the highest degree of clinical and epidemiological integrity, by doctors and researchers from the Johns Hopkins University. We use the same data and math to create our score that is used in world class science and connect it to you!

Doctors love us.

Doctors, healthcare providers and coaches can work more effectively with you using MyBodyScore to facilitate communication of real risk; and the score can verify if your health programs are working for you.

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